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Hier könnt Ihr Fragen zur Mitgliedschaft stellen.
Here you can ask questions regarding the membership of our site.

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Postby Serafinya » Mon Jul 07, 2008 11:06 pm

Hello everyone =)
My Name is Dominik R.
I'm 17 years old and live in Germany - near Frankfurt/Main
I'm new to this Community and i just informate me about the Zentais...
Iself have no Zentai...(no money for it)
but everytime i see something in the Internet with a Zentai, i fly in the 7th sky ^^
i want to buy a Zentai too, but..i dont know where, and a have at this moment not enough money to buy it...
my dream...wear a zentai in public...at a event or like that...i think its a incredible feelin....all see u, but dont know
who u are...sometime...i need to test it out^^
With my Profile...i said that i have no Zentai...so...i cant upload any image.
hope u understand it


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Re: New Member

Postby Catsuitgirl » Wed Jul 09, 2008 1:19 pm

Hello and welcome on board, Serafinya... :)

Its nice to have you here as a new member, and I hope you will feel comfortable here.

About you having no zentai: Its not a problem, not at all. This site is both for peope
having zentai and also for people enjoying the sights of zentai on other persons.
And as you are quite young, I think you will have enough time and money later to be
able to buy one or two or three... :)

There are always lots of places to buy one, the cheapest ones (and probably not the best
quality) you can get from ebay, others tend to cost a bit more. But to get a feeling of how
zentai is, a cheap one might be just enough.

So once again, nice to have you here and I hope to read from you again :D

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